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How do I contact Labcabs?

1300 522 222  (1300 LABCAB) for all bookings and queries, or complete the form on the contact us page.

General enquiries:  info@labcabs.com.au
International enquiries: international@labcabs.com.au

What are Labcabs Standard hours of operation?

Our office hours are 8.00am – 5.00pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday.
Call 1300 522 222  24 hours 7 days a week.

Can you call the 1300 number from anywhere in Australia?

Yes. Call 1300 522 222 for all enquiries, bookings, or to track your shipment.

I'm calling from overseas. What number should I use?

Overseas callers dial +61 7 3348 9700

Can I arrange an Out of Hours pick up?

Yes. Please call 1300 522 222 for more information.

Do you need an account with Labcabs?

No. You can pay by Credit card on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Alternatively, if you would prefer an account, please return the completed account application form (download below) to: accounts@labcabs.com.au.

Once we have received your form, your account will be opened within 24 hours.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

Please complete and return the Credit Card Authorisation form below, or call 1300 522 222 to arrange payment.

Return completed form to: accounts@labcabs.com.au

What is the Latest Call Time (LCT) for a pick up?

Latest Call time (LCT) is 3.00pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday.

Out of hours pick ups can be made by prior arrangement. Surcharges will apply. Please call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) to arrange.

What is the Latest Pick Up Time (LPT)?

Latest Pick Up Time (LPT) is 4.30pm E.S.T. Monday – Friday.

Out of hours pick ups can be made by prior arrangement. Surcharges will apply. Please call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) to arrange.

Do I need special packaging to ship my biological goods?

Yes. It is a requirement of all airlines, and couriers, that packaging is I.A.T.A .approved to ship biological substances.

Labcabs has packaging to suit all types of shipments and can help you determine what is best for your shipment.

You can download a handy Packaging Reference guide here, or call us on 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) for more information.

What packaging do I use for my samples?

Labcabs staff will advise of specific packaging requirements that you will need, however, you can also view a sample of products here.

Please call 1300 522 222 for your booking and enquiry.

Does Labcabs deliver Internationally and Australia wide?

Yes. Labcabs deliver Australia wide, and also provide an International door-to-door service. Please call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) for more info.

Does Labcabs have couriers in all States?

Yes. Labcabs staff provide services in major capital cities, with experienced cargo agents in regional centres.

How many years have you been in business?

Labcabs was formed in 2002 to provide specialist and comprehensive door to door transportation of time and temperature sensitive samples.

Can Labcabs assist with documents for export?

Yes we can assist with proving a Customs Declaration and guide you through the completion process. Please call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) for more info.

Can Labcabs assist with clearance for International shipments?

Yes. We can provide clearance and delivery of International shipments for our clients.

When should I use Labcabs' services?

When you have time and temperature sensitive shipments.

Is Labcabs Australian Owned?

Yes, we are 100% Australian owned.

Do you Re-ice in transit?

Labcabs offer a free dry ice top up for our shipments.

Do Labcabs operate in regional centres in Australia?

Labcabs has agents in most major regional centers within Australia. Please call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) for more information.

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Call 1300 522 222 (1300 LABCAB) to enquire about your logistic needs.

With over 20 years experience, Labcabs will ensure your product and samples arrive in perfect condition!